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We, at Olsen's Lawn & Landscaping, are at your disposal as a capable landscaper with tailor-made offers that can be easily accessed by our entire community. As trained experts, we make sure that we can easily create healthier homes and lifestyles for our community of Hightstown, NJ, using our skills and experience. When it comes to dealing with your landscape, the last thing that you as a customer should be worried about is how to keep your lawns thriving. That is what we are here for!

Our Services

Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping
Turn to us if you need a skilled landscaping contractor that will put your needs first. When it comes to commercial projects, we can help customers make an excellent first impression on potential clients. We can also significantly improve the curb appeal of the entire property and help you get more foot traffic.

Residential Landscaping

Residential Landscaping
Landscape service for residential spaces is different than large-scale commercial areas. We focus on making sure that the lawns around your home and delicately maintained to the precise requirements you have. We also make sure that the value of your home on the market goes up significantly by adding incredible aesthetic appeal.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance
Lawn care needs careful planning and detailed execution to work properly. Depending on the vegetation that is planted and the nature of the soil, the time of the year, and the weather conditions. We figure out the best additions to make to your lawn that can help it thrive. We are trained experts and can help in the natural upkeep of your lawns.

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls
Landscaping with us is very easy to undertake. As skilled experts, we can make sure that your new retaining wall is built to the highest standards possible. We make sure that the structural support required is in place. This gives the wall longevity. As experts, we also make an immense effort to aid in the prevention of soil erosion and flood control.


A patio is the best way to enjoy the benefits of nature from our own space with ease. We build high-quality and visually pleasing patios that are tailored to the precise design requirements mentioned to us. As trained professionals, we have a series of steps that we follow for longer-lasting and unmatched finishes. Call for our other hardscaping services!


Timely pruning is the ideal way to maintain plant health and overall aesthetics. It includes the removal of dead, diseased, and even broken plants. We make sure adequate nutrition is provided to the plants that are healthier while getting rid of plants that are no longer of any value addition to your property.


Without proper nutrition, no plants can survive throughout the year. It is required for the owners to be aware of the nutritional requirements of their plants. We simplify this process by providing excellent fertilization services that can lead to improved overall plant growth thanks to the valuable nutrition addition.

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Client Testimonials

by Chris Henke on Olsen's Lawn & Landscaping
Highly recommend their services!

I was in the market for a reliable landscaping contractor for my property. It was a mess, and I was looking for someone who could give me great results. After getting a recommendation for your services, I decided to go ahead and contact you. I was very pleased with the level of expertise and professionalism displayed! I'll be sure to highly recommend your company!

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Landscaping by Trained Professionals

At Olsen's Lawn & Landscaping, we make sure that the customers we are serving can enjoy the benefits of their lawns throughout the year without worrying about the costs. We have been the ideal choice for Hightstown, NJ for years now and take immense pride in being at the forefront of reliable results. We also make sure that the design requirements or any given plant additions desired by the clients can be easily accommodated.

We are Reliable and Skilled

As experts, we make sure that the lawns we are caring for can withstand the harsh temperatures throughout the year with ease. We make sure that our carefully put-together procedures can be a guiding force to motivate customers to be more proactive when it comes to lawn care. As trusted and reliable professionals, we are here to simplify your needs with our expertise at your disposal whenever you require us most.

We Are Expanding Our Reach

After spending years providing the most reliable landscape maintenance and improvement services to the customers of Hightstown, NJ, we are proud to announce that we will now be expanding our reach and making sure that the people in the following areas can also enjoy the benefits of our skills and reliable solutions! Our services are now available in:

Cranbury Township, NJ

Contact us today and we will make sure that you have to look no further than Olsen's Lawn & Landscaping for great results. We make sure that the customers always come first and do our best to give their lawns a new life. Our experience and expertise both speak for themselves.

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